Asus impress at CES 2016 with Spatha Mouse

asus spatha gaming mouse

Asus is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of technology, especially when it comes to their Republic of Gamers (ROG) product line. Their latest gaming mouse, the Spatha is no exception to this rule. As you’d expect from a gaming mouse, the Spatha has more than a few programmable buttons-12 to be precise so right away it’s earning brownie points.

In terms of build materials, Asus have opted for a chassis composed of a magnesium alloy for long term durability, but also the perfect weight. After all, you don’t want to be forcing a mouse around your desk during a gaming session, you’ll be wanting it to glide around the surface of your choice with ease. Of course, Asus is giving the option to either use it wireslessy, or as a wired device. As you’d expect from an Asus ROG product, you’re also able to customise the RGB lighting of the mouse as well.

However, whilst both of these factors are impressive (along with its 8200DPI laser sensor), the unique selling point of the Asus Spatha is the removable and customisable internal switches. Included in the device are Omron switches which have been reported to be good for 2o million clicks which seems fair. However, the ability to actually be able to freely change these switches without having to go through the process of doing an entire tear down of the mouse, as well as sourcing new switches, is a novel idea for mice and it’s something we welcome with open arms. There’s nothing worse than having your favourite mouse break at the most inopportune time. This could also be a big game changer for the competitive and eSports crowd in that you could put in fresh switches before any big game or tournament.

The Asus Spatha is due to be released in early 2016, and we’ll try and secure a review unit as soon as possible. The bigger question is though, would you be willing to buy a mouse that offers this level of customisation since it would most likely be more expensive than other gaming mice on the market? Or do you think Asus have started a trend on this one that allows you to replace broken switches easily?


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