When you’re undertaking any kind of car detailing regimen, you will need at least one or two tools. Depending on the work that you’ll be carrying out, the number of items in your detailing kit could be pretty small, or extremely large.


Pre-Wash/Post-Wash Equipment

If you’re not washing your car every week, or the weather has been pretty bad, it would be advisable to prepare the car before you make contact with the paint. This is normally achieved by treating the surface with either a foam gun or a foam cannon. Whilst the car will still require a proper clean afterwards, by helping to soften and remove as much debris as possible, you are minimising the chances of damaging the paint. Likewise, once the car has been cleaned properly, you’ll still need to do a few final steps before the job is truly done.

General Wash Tools

Regardless of how in-depth you want to be with your cleaning regime, it’s important that you utilise some basic tools to make sure that you are cleaning your car properly. Every detailer will of course need a selection of buckets. Generally this should be at least two. The reason for this has been covered elsewhere. However, it is also common practice to have a third wheel solely for wheel detailing.

Correction Equipment

Depending on the paint quality, it may be necessary to correct the paint. Whilst this can be done by hand, the more sensible approach would be to use a machine instead. There are a wide variety of machine polishers on the market. However, the most common (and easiest to use) is a type known as a dual action polisher. These do vary in price which is reflected in their quality as well as features. You can read about these tools, here.

Interior Detailing

Just like you should be taking care of the outside of the vehicle, the inside should also be looked after. Doing so will not only make the driving experience more enjoyable, but also will help to keep your vehicles value.