If it is the case that your paintwork has seen better days, you have a couple of options at your disposal. You could opt to go down the route of applying a glaze over the paintwork. This will help to cover up any scratches or swirls on the paint work. However, think of this step as applying makeup. Whilst the effect will look great, it won’t last forever.

Making a finish that lasts

Whilst using a glaze is a cheaper option, a better alternative would be to correct the paint. Effectively this means that you remove a small amount of the clear coat from the surface. Even though this sounds pretty dangerous, it’s not. Presuming you follow the correct steps then you’ll get a great finish. These days it is generally carried out by using a machine polisher under the guise of a dual action polisher. There are a large number of DA’s on the market, and we have compiled a list of the best ones you can get.

The detail is in the pad

A crucial item in any DA Polisher is the pad that is used. Due to the level of work needed to be carried out depends on the car, there are a wide variety of pads you can choose from. However, you can read our best selection of DA polisher pads, here.