Magma from Autoglym is one of the better fall out removers on the market.

Much like other other fallout removers, it works by reacting with the iron particles that are present on the paint work. Depending on the severity of the iron contamination, it will rapidly react with the iron on the paintwork and turn a dark purple. Even after giving my white car a thorough wash, I noticed that there was still areas of the paint work that were heavily contaminated. Namely, this was behind the front wheels where brake dust is flying off onto the paint.

There are some fallout removers out there that are at varying levels on the pH scale. With respect to Magma, this is pH neutral. The benefit of this is that it means that it will not break down any protection layers on your car such as waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings. However, it is still brilliant at releasing these fallout particles from the paint work.

As a handy tip, I would always say that the best course of action when using Magma is to apply it sparingly at first from the top down. The reason for this is that it will allow the fallout remover to run down the panels on the car and cause a continuous reaction. If the car has never been through a iron remover treatment before, I would suggest gently agitating it with a microfibre towel or mitt before rinsing it off. After this, re-apply the product in key locations instead of completely covering the car again. This will make the product last longer.

A brilliant wheel cleaner

Magma isn’t just a way to remove iron particles from your bodywork. It also doubles up as an excellent wheel cleaner. Personally, I prefer to use this as my go to wheel cleaner instead of buying a dedicated one. I do however have a dedicated wheel cleaner for the winter where there are large deposits of salt and grit on the wheels.

When using it to clean your wheels, you will need to use brushes to agitate it and get rid of as much break dust as possible. I also like to use a separate wash mitt to get in behind the spokes on my alloy wheels to ensure that everything in there is cleaned. Again, a little goes a long way and it will light up your alloys like a Christmas tree. For those that are serious about detailing their wheels, Magma should be at the top of the list since it makes it extremely easy to remove any iron fallout.

A pleasant smell

Let’s be honest, for a lot of detailing products, they’re given really nice fragrances. When it comes to fallout removers though, they always seem to smell awful after they react with the contamination on the paintwork. Magma is the first fallout remover that I’ve used that doesn’t have this issue with it. There is still a smell present, but it doesn’t smell foul. Whatever Autoglym have done to counteract this is anyone’s guess, but other companies could learn a lot from them in this regard.

What I would suggest though is if this is being used to decon glass, do not let it dry in! The first time I did this (admitedly in direct sunlight) it turned the windows white. It was easily removed, but it was a ‘heart in mouth’ moment that I had messed up big time.

Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay, 500ml - Colour Transform Technology Fallout Remover, Removes Stubborn Iron Specks From Car Bodywork, Brake Discs, Car Wheel Cleaner, Red
  • Colour Transform Technology reacts with iron particles on your bodywork and wheels so they can be easily rinsed away for a deep clean
  • The active ingredients in Magma turn red as they react with these iron particles to safely loosen them from the surface to be easily rinsed away
Autoglym Magma Review

Product Name: Autoglym Magma

Product Description: An efficient fall out remover that is LSP safe.

Brand: Autoglym

Offer price: 8

  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Results obtained


Autoglym Magma is a brilliant fallout remover that every car enthusiast should have in their detailing repertoire. The results obtained are brilliant and it is quick and easy to use.


Fast acting formula

Doesn’t have that horrible after smell

Also acts as a great wheel cleaner


Only comes in 500ml

Can’t be used in direct sunlight

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