For anyone that loves detailing their car, one of the most crucial aspects of detailing is waxing your car after it’s been washed and polished. There are numerous waxes on the market that come in the form of paste and liquid forms. They all have their merits, with some costing more than others.

A common word attached to car wax is carnauba, which is a natural extract from tress in the Brazilian rain forest. It is a robust compound, but as detailing technology has moved on over the years, so has the compounds which are present in car waxes.

Generally, a liquid wax is cheaper due to the development costs of these being lower. They are by no means poor choices, and in actuality, they are a great way to ‘top up’ existing layers of wax on your car.

After doing countless hours of research, there general consensus from a variety of retailers is that the best car wax  on the market is from Meguair’s. They have various product lines linked to waxes, but the one that is held in the highest regard is the Ultimate Paste Wax.

The level of protection

Whilst the carnauba offering from Meguair’s is very strong, the Ultimate Paste Wax is on a completely different level. What has astounded many customers is the fact that even after 6 months, the shine on the car is still amazing after it has been washed. Better still, the beading effect on the car (which is a sign of how well the paint is protected) is still extremely prevalent in the same time frame.

The key to this excellent protection is the use of synthetic polymers that are present in the wax. By utilising these, it creates a layer that is not only incredibly shiny but also extremely durable. The durability is always a key feature of any product that protects the paint work from environmental factors such as rain/acid rain, snow, hail etc. Further helping the durability is the fact that the polymers in the wax are hydrophobic (water hating), which therefore results in the beading effect since the water rolls off of the paintwork.

The wax is extremely easy to apply and also remove  with a clay bar when need be. In terms of the application everything you need is included in the kit. You are able to apply it by hand, or with a dual action polisher as well. If you’re wishing to apply this by hand, then there is a foam applicator and a plush microfiber towel included in the box.


The reviews on this speak for themselves online and you can read a lot more of them as well as seeing comparison photos by clicking here if you’re in the USA, or here if you’re in the UK.