The Yamaha Viking is a truly exceptional UTV. It has a strong history of being an extremely versatile UTV  without a large price tag attached to it.

One of the things that makes it so great is that exact versatility of it. This is in a large part helped along by the fact that there is a wide array of accessories available for it. To that end, we have compiled a list of what we have deemed to be the best Yamaha Viking Accessories. By getting aftermarket accessories, it can often be much cheaper than having these additions included when you originally buy the Viking. Also, if you buy it second hand, then it’s pretty much a necessity that you buy these accessories to kit it out to your specification.

Gun Rack

This may not be something that will suit everyone. However, it is undeniable that there is a large need for gun racks for the Yamaha Viking. Since it is a great UTV, hunters have used this to their advantage and have started to use a wide range of accessories for the Viking. As such, after market accessories manufacturers have jumped onto the bandwagon to provide hunters with a way to carry their firearms properly and safely.

Sadly though, not all of these gun racks are up to the high quality standard that matches that of the Yamaha Viking. This has actually made it fairly difficult for hunters to carry their firearms on their Viking. However, after spending hours trawling through the internet, we have found a gun rack that is not only extremely cost friendly, but also of a very high standard.

With some gun racks, there is the pre-requisite that you need to permanently attach it to your Yamaha Viking. However, this isn’t the case with this particular type of rack. Instead, it directly attaches onto the top of the side bars on your vehicle. This means that you’re not having to worry about adding another device onto the back of the UTV in order to carry any firearms that you have.

Thankfully, the rack itself is a mere 5lbs meaning that it will not add any significant weight which would otherwise have an impact on the UTV. You can find more information about it here.

Cargo Bed Cover

If you’re using your Yamaha Viking for any sort of work that requires you to carry around additional items, the cargo bed is ideal for that. However, a big flaw is that there isn’t actually a cover for this cargo bed. The end result of this is anything you’ve got in the cargo bed is going to become wet extremely quick in the event that it starts raining. To counteract this problem though, it is possible to get a cover for this.

There are quite a few on the market, although as with the gun rack situation mentioned above, there is a lot of less than quality covers on the market. The key is not to skimp on a cargo bed cover since you want to live up to taking a real beating with bad weather should it come. The FI 4×4 cargo bed cover is an excellent and durable cover that fits the Viking with ease. It has included straps with it in the box. The benefit of this is that there aren’t any clasps included in it, which would otherwise start to corrode over time and therefore make the cover redundant since it wouldn’t be able to be restrained any more.

The cover is made from SurLast70 which is perfect for use in all weather and will not fade or diminish over time. This is the ideal choice of Cargo Bed Cover.

A winch mount

If it’s the case that you’ve used other UTVs in the past, it is more than likely that you’ve used a winch at some point. The good thing about this is that you should be able to transfer the winch over from your old UTV over to the Viking. One component you will need though is a Yamaha Viking winch mount.  Ideally you should opt for a mount that can take the highest weight of winch possible. This is mainly for the fact that should your current winch ever break down on you, when it comes to buying a new winch you’ll be fully confident that your mount will be able to support it.

EMP have designed a winch mount will can hold winches up to 4,000 lbs in weight. Unlike other winch mounts, the EMP variant doesn’t require any additional mounting brackets. Instead, it attaches to the original bumper that is supplied with the Yamaha Viking. This bracket is also able to support regular and wide spool winches, making it even more versatile in the future. You can find out more about it by clicking on this link.

Staying warm in the Viking

If you are going to be using the Viking at times when it’s cold, there are a few accessories that you can buy. All of these should be considered as a sound investment. This is especially true if you’re spending a large amount of time in the Viking. The last thing that you’re wanting to do is spend time in it when it is cold and there is no way to retain the heat. This would ruin your overall enjoyment of the Viking.

Cabin Heater

Firestorm have developed an excellent cabin heater for the Yamaha Viking. It has adjustable louvers as well as having three adjustable speeds for the fan, as well as a temperature controller as well. Even better, once you purchase the heater, there are no additional items needed. Instead everything you need to install it comes in the box. There are also highly detailed instructions so that you can be sure that the heater is fully installed properly. For added peace of mind, Firestorm has also included a three year warranty of the device.  By getting a heater, it’s taking a small amount of power for the engine, and using it to heat up the air in the cabin. This works exactly the same way that it does when you put the heating on in your car.You can read more thoughts on the heater here.

Front Windshield

If you’d prefer not to go down the route of installing a heater in the Viking, it is also possible as well to get a windshield for it. This may seem trivial since the sides of the Viking won’t be covered. However, since any cold air will be blasting directly into the front of the cabin when driving, it would seem reasonable to get a windshield to somewhat counteract this. As with other Viking accessories, there are a wide variety of suppliers.

Once again, FI 4X4 have come up with a great solution. In this occasion they have developed a windshield the folds down. The benefit of this is that it allows you to use the windshield whenever you like. However, should there be the situation that you don’t need it, it will easily fold down and secure onto the hood. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about taking the windshield off every time you don’t want to use it. You can purchase the windshield at this link.

Rear Windshield

Much like a front windshield can be of great use in the Yamaha Viking, the same is true of a rear windshield. It will be able to help protect you from the wind and rain, as well as any potential debris that my be kicked up when driving.

As with the gun rack mentioned above, this rear windshield can be installed easily as no drilling is required.

The mounting points and overall frame is composed of stainless steel. Due to this, it will not rust or corrode over time. It currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, and is an exceptionally good price for your Viking.

Glove Box

On the Viking, there is the option to store some items in it. This is where the glove box would normally be on a car. However, there isn’t actually a glove box lid included on the Viking. This means that your items could fall out of it easily, especially depending on how fast you’re going.

Thankfully, it is possible to get a lid for this storage compartment. Not only is it extremely easy to install, it also comes with a lock on it too. That means that your items will be fully secure in your Viking should it be the case that you’re needing to leave it unattended. It currently has a 5 star rating online.

There are many more Yamaha Viking accessories available and we’ll be updating this page regularly after we have assessed what the best accessories are.