Jack stands are a crucial component for anyone that is wanting to do their own repair work on their vehicle. A common mistake that others make is that when repairing their car, they keep the car supported on a car jack. If it is the case that a wheel is being replaced, then this is not overly problematic. However, if more in-depth work is being done, such as an exhaust replacement, or even an oil change, it is not the best course of action.


The first reason for this is that when using a jack, the car is placed at an angle. When it comes to draining fluids from the car, it is preferential to have it as level as possible. Secondly, only jacking up one side of the vehicle actually puts a lot of stress on the other side. To combat this issue, a rather ingenious piece of equipment is used; a jack stand. A quick search online will show a plethora of jack stands. However, these are not all created equal. Since these will be used to support your vehicle for prolonged periods of time, it is important that you invest in a set of jack stands which are of the highest quality. Not only will it protect your car from damage should it fall, but it will also protect you too since the car is properly supported. This isn’t the case if you just use a car jack to keep the vehicle up for long periods of time.


Due to there being so many different jack stands on the market, we have collated a list of the best ones you can currently buy.


Omega Black Heavy Duty Jack Stands

For those with extremely heavy vehicles, it is a must to use jack stands that support the full weight of the car. Omega have released a set that can support up to 22 tons! This is really for those that have extremely heavy vehicles. In addition to supporting such a large weight, the stands will go up to a maximum height of 19 inches. This means that you have a lot of room under the car to move around in which should make any repair work a lot easier.

In order to hold the stands up to the height you need, this is done by using high quality and extremely sturdy steel pins. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to mess around with any ratcheting system to get both of them at the same height.

As an added bonus, the bases of the units are completely flat. This gives a more stable working environment which is crucial when working with weights up to 22 ton. Likewise, the saddle that makes contact with the frame of the car is extremely large, meaning that it is fully supported.

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity
  • Heavy duty holding pins for adjustable heights
  • Large saddle securely supports load

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

Torin are well known for their excellent products at a reasonable price point. Their jack stands are no exception to this rule.

Comprised of highly constructed steel, you can tell just by picking them up that they are built to last. They come as a double pack for reasons mentioned above, so in each pack you’re getting two jack stands.

In terms of the amount the maximum load, these jack stands can tolerate 6 tons each, which is the equivalent to 12k lbs. Even if your vehicle isn’t that heavy, it would be worthwhile to invest in these anyway. The reason for this is that should you buy a heavier vehicle in the future, you will not need to invest in other set of these stands. Tied to this is the fact that if you have friends and family that have larger vehicles, you can lend them these jack stands.

Along with the immense strength you get with them, there is an additional safety feature. This is by way of there being a double locking mechanism on the units. What this means is that it is highly unlikely to nigh on impossible that these stands will ever drop without you physically getting them to do so.

This means that you can safely and confidently work on your car without worrying that the jack stands will give way. You are also given plenty of room to work under the car since the maximum height of the stands is 16 inches, although you don’t have to use all of this height if you don’t want to.  In terms of the lifting mechanism of these, it works on a ratchet system so you can go up in smaller increments to suit your needs.


BIG RED T46002A Torin Steel Jack Stands: Double Locking, 6 Ton (12,000 lb) Capacity, Red, 1 Pair
  • Double locking jack stands help support vehicles after lifting with a jack; Handles a wide range of vehicles including small cars, ATV's, UTV's, and more
  • Features a lifting range of 15-3/8" to 23-13/16" with a 6 ton (12,000 lb) load capacity; Saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported

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