Have Nintendo played a blinder with the NES Classic Mini?


News has emerged today that Nintendo is releasing a compact version of the NES, dubbed the ‘NES Classic Mini’. Basically its an emulated system with 30 of the most popular NES games built right into it. For many a nostalgia fan, this would be enough to have them sold on it. Add in the fact that it connects to your TV via HDMI as opposed to the old analogue signal of the NES back in the day and it would really make a lot of fans buy this.

However, the bigger question is if Nintendo have played a blinder by choosing to release this. There’s already a few of these games available on both the Wii and Wii U eShop. Given the fact that this will most likely be the last Christmas for Wii U, and Zelda won’t be out for it, Nintendo need to capitilise on something, and retro is the way to go. If Nintendo can get their original and die hard fans back on side by showing them that when going back to their routes they are still a great company (they’ve been putting out great games for the better part of 30 years) it is a cheap and effective way for them to drum up interest in the upcoming NX. Given the fact that Pokemon Go has become the fastest downloaded app of all time, it does show that there’s a market there for those that grew up and fell in love with Nintendo.

I personally think that this is just the thing that Nintendo needs to get a jump start in terms of gaining momentum for the impending release of NX. I love Nintendo, but a lot of people moved away from them after third parties pulled support from Wii U, which led to more people pulling away. It’ll be interesting to see how things progress following the release of the NES Classic Mini.

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