The Coleco Chameleon is nothing but a scam

The lastest prototype from Retro VGS. Credit for photo goes to

Retro VGS and Coleco Chameleon- A box of snake oil

The last few weeks haven’t exactly been too praise worthy for the company behind the Coleco Chamelon, Retro VGS.

For those that aren’t clued up on it, the Coleco Chameleon was dubbed on Kickstarter as a way to be able to play all your old games on one console via some pretty swanky hardware emulation and plugging your old carts into the system. It was also boasted that new games would be released on the system as well, and that there would be no need for internet access for the system.

The real issue here though is the downright lies that have been issued by the company (Retro VGS) about their hardware. At the recent New York Toy Fair, more than one eagle eyed attendee noticed that the system that was on display was nothing more than a SNES Jr smashed into the case of an Atari Jaguar. This is off of the evidence that a Genesis and SNES combi power supply was hooked up to the unit, as well as the placements of the AV and power cables, both of which match up directly with the SNES Jr.

Of course, Retro VGS were quick off the mark to release photos of one of the prototype Coleco Chameleon machines which had a transparent case. The only downside is that they didn’t expect anyone to notice the little scam that they’ve pulled.

Rather than the machine boasting the super powerful chips that Retro VGS previously suggested, it has instead got an old CCTV DVR card that you would install into your PC. That’s right, Retro VGS rather than holding their hands up and admitting they are wrong decided that they were really going to go bat shit crazy with the lies.

Coleco themselves are giving Retro VGS time to have a prototype unit inspected by an outside engineer to see if this system actually works and is what they say it is (which it isn’t). Coleco are getting a bit of a backlash from this. However from a legal standpoint they are merely protecting themselves from being sued by Retro VGS who would otherwise cite that they didn’t give them a fair chance.

The lastest prototype from Retro VGS. Credit for photo goes to

The lastest prototype from Retro VGS. Credit for photo goes to

The PCB for the CCTV DVR that is in the Coleco Chameleon. Credit for photo goes to

The PCB for the CCTV DVR that is in the Coleco Chameleon. Credit for photo goes to

The point is though, why do companies and individuals like Mike Kennedy who is the President of Retro VGS feel that it is ok to blatantly lie to consumers?

It’s not even a small lie either saying that a game will have mode X in it. This is a major slap in the face to not only consumers but also those that are genuinely trying to get a real product launched via Kickstarter.

This is going to start precedents that people could think that they are able to get away with outright scamming people in order to get a quick buck. Of course, I fully expect Retro VGS to hit back against this, but why use a SNES Jr in a different case, and why use a CCTV DVR in the case?

In all honesty as well the whole point of the Coleco Chameleon is totally pointless. With devices like the Retron 5 which do allow you to play your old games all on the same machine, the CC is redundant. The fact that such a device is possible to make and yet the Retro VGS team decided to deceive consumers makes the issue even more worse. Oh, and for the sake of playing new games on cartridges, that’s complete nonsense as well. You’d be much better off buying the game on Steam and playing it on your PC/Laptop instead.

Nice try Retro VGS. You might have gotten away with this snake oil scam 20 years ago but in the age of the internet, people don’t stand for this kind of bullshit.

If you’re really wanting to have a a bash at playing your retro games on a big TV, the Wii U is actually an ideal option since it allows you to download games from the NES era all the way up to the present day.



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