I’m a big fan of responsive website designs, and with that, I’m today looking at the latest theme from MyThemeShop, dubbed Fitness. This is quite an interesting one in that it is fitness related. The thing with this is that it is perfect for those that are into physical therapy services, or are personal trainers.

I always like to give a website a try with the stock settings before it is tweaked. In this case, I loaded up my test website (URL obscured for obvious reasons). This site is populated with data, but it does not have an SSL certificate (which is known to improve site speed), nor is going through my CDN. Additionally, the site is running off of my shared hosting plan from Siteground. As you can see below though, the results are quite spectacular!


After testing the site on my smartphone as well, I was extremely impressed with how well the data scaled down on it and it was still perfectly readable. Again, the results are nothing short of exceptional. The reason why I go for an unoptimised site is to give the ‘worst case scenario’ in terms of speed that you can expect to get. I could use a test site that has an SSL on dedicated hosting with a CDN, but this wouldn’t be representative of the wide majority of users.

Below are the Page Insight speeds for both desktop and mobile variants of the site, direct from Google. In both the Page Insight and Gtmetrix tests, there was one sidebar advert on my page (which can be known to slow down a sites responsiveness).

In an interesting twist, the theme actually has a built in Ad Blocker detector. Given that it is harder for website owners to get revenue, the addition of this is a nice feature. Effectively, it means that those running an advert blocking plugin need to disable this in order to view the content. This can increase the overall number of advert clicks and therefore increase your revenue.

Additionally, the site has built in Schema markup on it, which means that Google will effectively pick up the proper information from your website and display it in the SERPS. This is of particular benefit when it comes to reviews of services.

In terms of customisation, everything can be tweaked to your needs. A lot of people are quite partial to having their homepage set to their most recent posts. However, the theme also allows for a static homepage as well. Additionally, there is full integration with your social media accounts which are a true driving force in terms of traffic, especially from Instagram where fitness is concerned. It is available to purchase now via this link.