What are the rarest Amiibo?

Amiibo from Nintendo have taken the world by storm, and for collectors, they’re most common question on their lips is what are the rarest Amiibo. It may be the case that the collectors are wanting complete sets, or it may be the fact that they’re wanting to buy them just now in order to make a healthy profit later on down the line.

Regardless of the reason, I’ve compiled the list of some of the rarest Amiibo just now, and included the relevant Amazon links as well. I’ve chosen Amazon instead of eBay because you’re less likely to get ripped off through a third party seller on Amazon than you will on eBay when searching for the rarest Amiibo. Also, I’ve not included any Amiibo that have defects in them since by and large these go for several thousand dollars and in all honesty aren’t worth the money.

Gold Mario Amiibo

The gold Mario Amiibo is actually pretty rare and was made as a special release item in conjunction with the release of Mario Party 10. It’s the usual Mario Amiibo, however as the name would suggest, it’s painted completely in gold. It looks amazing and really fits in well as one of the rarest Amiibos available on the market. This isn’t one you’ll be wanting to take out of the box and play with! Available in the USA, UK and also Canada

Marth Amiibo

Marth has been a funny one. He never really reached the heights of fame other characters did when he was showcased in Melee, and as such when his Amiibo was released, it was only in a small batch and picked up extremely quickly. I was one such person that managed to get my hands on him right away, and I’m extremely happy with the purchase. Indeed Nintendo did restock him, however the reprint version that they made of him is slightly different in terms of his facial features when compared to the new one. I actually think the original version looks better and if you can get the original model at a good price and complete in box then you could be onto a winner! Check the latest price on Amazon in the USA, in the UK and check out Canada

Shulk Amiibo

Shulk from Xenoblade Chrnoicles is a pretty rare Amiibo in part thanks to his massive success, as well as Nintendo underestimating just how well he’d sell. He’s so rare just now that Nintendo don’t even have them in stock on their own website (in the UK at least). However there are reports in the USA that he’s getting a tad more easier to get. However, since it’s a restock, it could also be the case that the model has been slightly changed much like it was with Marth. You can read reviews about him here if you’re in the USA, or read the UK and Canadian reviews and prices.

Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer (despite an apparent restock) is actually still pretty difficult to get your hands on. She was included in the ‘rare release trio’ of Marth and the Villager from Animal Crossing. Wii Fit Trainer could be one of the most lucrative Amiibo to get since the restocks haven’t been that widespread compared to others. If you can bag one, make sure that you keep it in its box! It’ll certainly be worth a fortune in years to come. Buy here in the USA, or you can purchase it in the UK, or buy it in Canada.

Thanks for reading my rundown of what the rarest amiibo are, and when new ones are released I’ll be updating this page if I think they’re going to be rare down the line.