GoPro Cameras: What are they good for?


In recent years, there has been a surge of consumers picking up GoPro cameras. These cameras are far from cheap, but this is actually in its favour. Their expense is totally justified when you consider the range of functions that they have such as 4K content capture, interchangeable (and inexpensive) batteries and the ability to edit content on your smartphone from the camera, depending on the model that you have.4K functionality was introduced in the GoPro Hero 4 video cameras and has been a staple in it ever since.

The perfect uses for a GoPro

GoPros are exceptionally good at recording footage underwater. Thanks to the high quality cases that are available for the camera, it means that you can fully submerge it without worrying out damaging the camera itself.

They are also great for skiing and snowboarding with. This is again in part thanks to the case that is supplied with the GoPro. Not only does it protect it from any impact that may take place when you fall, but also the fact that the case can help protect the camera from the cold. Linked to this is the wide array of mounts that are available for it. This makes it an ideal way to mount your GoPro to your chest, helmet, or even the skiis/snowboard!

Of course, many people use their GoPro camera for daily vlogging. The reason for this is that, as mentioned above, the GoPro Hero 4 video cameras have 4K recording capabilities included. Due to these being cheaper than more conventional 4K cameras, many vloggers choose to use the GoPro instead. Especially since it can be used for outdoor activities as mentioned above.

Lastly, GoPros are great for use as dash cams. Many people use them as dash cams thanks to the ability of the video camera to adapt to a wide range of lighting conditions as well as the high quality footage that it can record, at a variety of frames per second. Of course, unlike conventional dash cams, you can use a GoPro for a wide variety of tasks.

A word on repairs

Of course, with any device that can be used in extreme conditions there is the possibility that repair work will need to be carried out. In the case of the GoPro, one area that could fail is that of the charging port. This isn’t necessarily a manufacturer defect, but it is due to people being far too aggressive with the USB cable when connecting it to the camera to charge it.

These connectors are like that on mobile phones in that they can be fragile and too much force will break it. This is especially true if you insert the cable the wrong way round in an attempt to connect it to your GoPro.

Similarly, over time the buttons can be damaged on the device due to over use. However, in both this scenario and also the one of a broken connector, it is always cheaper to have this repaired instead of buying a brand new unit. These repairs can be carried out by camera experts, and this is an inexpensive option and is highly recommended over repairing it yourself.


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