Twilight Princess HD remake now available to pre-order on Amazon UK

twilight princess hd amazon pre order

For those wanting to head back and revisit perhaps what some would one of the more darker Legend of Zelda games, Twilight Princess HD has now been put up for pre-order on Amazon in the UK. In the bundle it comes with the game, an audio CD is as well as amiibo of Wolf Link and Midna which will unlock a new dungeon in the game.

Whilst they’re not the only retailer to have put it up, they are one of the last with sites like Game already beating them to the act. Nintendo themselves have put it up on their website (albeit with an additional t-shirt), Amazon is still cheaper and most likely with their pre-order price guarantee the price will drop down even more between now and the time at which the game is released on 4th March.

However, has this came a little too late for people that have perhaps already pre-ordered in store and used gift vouchers etc to pay for the game so they get it when it’s released? For those that still haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, you can grab it here from, and

The bigger question is though, for those that have already played the game back on the Gamecube/Wii, is a clean up in the graphics department enough to warrant you spending your money on this again. Certainly for many the newly added amiibo unlockable dungeon will be a key selling point and this could be a great last hurrah for the Wii U.


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