Will VR gaming be a mainstay in the future?


With the massive surge in the popularity of online gaming, one has to wonder just how much of an impact it will have several years down the line. It’s not as though we don’t have anything to benchmark this fad against. In the past, 3D movies were going to be the next big thing and whilst they were for a while, when was the last time you watched a new 3D film at the cinema, or in the comfort of your own home?

Similarly, remember how motion controls were going to set the world on fire? Whilst they did for 3-4 years the whole experience has drifted off to obscurity. It was only Nintendo that really managed to get a grasp of how well motion controls worked, with Sony and Microsoft having lacklustre attempts at best. Regardless, apart from a few nods to it on Wii U and 3DS, motion controls are a distant memory.

So will VR end up going the same way? The headset for the PS4 is exceptionally expensive, and the Oculus Rift isn’t anywhere near as immersive as the HTC Vive. You then need to look at the hardware thats currently needed for VR gaming. Gamers can either opt for the extremely expensive GTX 1070 and 1080’s from Nvidia, or they could opt for the AMD RX480 which is great for VR Gaming.

One of the biggest factors in all of this though is expense, with even the Vive on it’s own costing a small fortune, which is a luxury a lot of people still don’t have. Lastly, the space factor is a total nightmare since for a real VR experience, you’re going to need a room that can accommodate you flailing around. This isn’t the kind of gaming you’ll be able to carry out in a small 1 bedroom apartment. Rather, you’re going to need a pretty big room to carry out this kind of gaming and whilst the price of the technology will come down in price over the years, the space needed to game with VR safely won’t dimish.

Regardless, for those that have the cash and also the space, it’ll be a must have thing for them. It remains to be seen though if it’ll be a hit for the masses, or a miss instead. For those that are looking to get some cheap games on Steam and Origin (vital if you’ve shelled out for a VR gaming setup), you can get them here.

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