Is Battlefront Death Star what players have been waiting for?

Depending on who you talk to, Battlefront which released late last year is either an amazing game, or a total waste of an opportunity. For many, the biggest reason why it doesn’t live up to the fabled Battlefront 2 is the lack of proper space battles, with the air battles more akin to the original Rogue Squadron that appeared back on the Nintendo 64. Personally, the lack of space battles wasn’t a deal breaker for me, and to this day Battlefront is still an amazing game.


However, EA and Dice have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming DLC, dubbed Death Star. It brings with it a brand new gameplay mode dubbed Battle Station whereby you fight on both the inside and also the outside of the Death Star. With regards to the space battles, it’s something many of us have been waiting for since the Rogue Leader days back on the Gamecube. Whilst the space battles in Battlefront 2 were great, they didn’t quite match the sheer scale and intensity of the Gamecube equivalent. Plus, with the chance to switch off your targeting computer once again to launch your Proton Torpedoes, Death Star is looking like the tastiest DLC yet for Battlefront.

On the ground, well, inside the Death Star, it’s your usual run and gun fare with the Heroes in this instance being the mighty Chewbacca and Bossk. You know, the scummy bounty hunter from Empire that the Imperials didn’t need.

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With this improvement, it is clear that EA and Dice are listening to what the fans want by bringing actual space battles into the mix. Given the fact that flying craft in Battlefront is pretty easy regardless of the control scheme you have employed, be it keyboard and mouse or a controller this could be a sure fire way to add even more sales to the Battlefront balance sheets. Personally this is something I’ve been waiting for since last November and this November can’t come quick enough to bring back the Star Wars space battles.

What though are your thoughts about this? Is it too little too late for you to pick up the game, or, if you haven’t purchased it yet, will you now be doing so with this DLC?
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