The new Doctor is a woman

So, the BBC in its infinite wisdom has decided to go down the route of making the new Doctor in Doctor Who a woman. I want to start right away by saying that I’m all for men and women having an equal share in everything that goes on in the world. We need both to function properly. However, having a female Doctor is taking it one step too far. Doctor Who is an institution, and there is only one reason why they’ve decided on a woman this time. It’s simply to appeal to the Left Wing PC brigade and to show that they’re fully supportive of women taking on leading roles.

Granted, the Master became Missy, but the Master was not a main character, let alone the leading role. What’s going to be next? Are they going to be turning James Bond into Jamima or Janet? The fairest thing to do in this case is now to change Rita from Coronation Street into Roger, just to balance the books a bit.

All jokes aside though, it does seem like a misfire. Twitter is already blowing up over this one. There’s more than a few feminists that have already sounded off about how men can ‘stick it’ if they don’t like it, although their tweets have promptly been removed by themselves. Also, it would have made more sense to have turned the Doctor into a woman off of the back of getting a brand new regeneration cycle which happened when Matt Smith stepped down at Christmas 2013.

With this slip up and the shambles that was the re-launch of Top Gear post Clarkson, it does make you wonder what muppets are running the BBC. How well fans will take to Jodie Whittaker is anyone’s guess. The consensus online is that you’re either for the idea or against it. I guess we’ll be finding out at Christmas how well she does, although more than likely she’ll only be on for a few minutes before the credits role.

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