Has Nintendo just showcased the best Legend of Zelda yet and will it reach the Wii U?


For many, the defining game in the Legend of Zelda franchise is Ocarina of Time, with Majoras Mask being a close second. However, after the official trailer released for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild today, it looks as though it could take the crown of the best in the franchise.

Visually, it’s extremely appealing with the overall consensus being that it is akin to Skyward Sword with HD visuals. This isn’t a bad thing at all when you consider how amazing the artstyle of Skyward Sword was.

From the trailer it is clear that this is going to be the most expansive Zelda game yet, especially with the hunting mechanic included within the game. Many gamers have been asking for a long time now that Zelda delves deeper into the RPG scene and whilst Nintendo won’t be going into full RPG mode since it would alienate the large fan base, this does seem like a healthy compromise.

Tied to this is the open world or sandbox mechanic that is being touted for the game. This in itself is a unique selling point since every past Zelda game has been fairly restrictive whereas this iteration appears to me a bit more GTA-esque in the approach that you can go anywhere and do anything on the map.

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Will it actually hit the Wii U, or bypass it?

Nintendo have confirmed that Breath of the Wind will not be released until 2017, which incidentally is when Nintendo NX is being released. As it stands just now, Nintendo are planning to release the game on both the Wii U and NX, much like they did with Twilight Princess on the Gamecube and Wii.

However, there may be some backtracking on this depending on how demanding the game is. Nintendo will be keen to give NX a lot of grunt if the rumours are true that it will be supporting VR gameplay. Assuming that Breath of the Wild is going to be a launch title for the NX, Nintendo will be keen to show off from the get go just how powerful NX is when compared to the Wii U. It could therefore be argued that the promise of it on Wii U is nothing more than a crowd pleaser since the gaming community would be pretty pissed if there was no unique Zelda shown off at E3 for their current platform. The other more logical option is that Wii U owners get a diluted version of the game, be it visually, game play wise or both.

This isn’t me knocking the Wii U, it’s a powerful console but it won’t be comparable to NX and this could be a deciding factor on how many people buy it on the older console. This in itself would be a reason for Nintendo to move the emphasis onto NX and simply state that the Wii U couldn’t handle the game after all and thus lower the options in game.

Regardless of what happens, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is going to be an amazing game if this trailer is anything to go by.



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